Даля Грибаускайте

  • Предыдущий президент - Литва
  • Год и место рождения: 1956 Вильнюс, Советский Союз (сейчас Литва)
  • Не состоит в браке
  • Годовой: AZN189,487.00
  • Ежемесячно: AZN15,790.58
  • Еженедельно: AZN3,643.98
  • Ежедневно: AZN728.80
Даля Грибаускайте

LRT.it jun 2019: Grybauskaitė, who left the Presidency, will receive a monthly state rent. This is tied to the president's salary for the current month, reaching 38.79 percent. Thus, if G. Nausėda receives EUR 5756, then Ms Grybauskaitė's rent will amount to EUR 3690. In addition to that she reached retirement age last year and is already receiving a retirement pension of less than € 700. Together with his salary, the president's monthly salary will be slightly over € 4,300. As of March 2021, when she reaches the age of 65, Mr Grybauskaite will also receive a similar pension for five years at the European Commission (the exact amount of the pension will be known in 2021). Grybauskaitė's monthly income will add up to EUR 8,300.


Update: 2019-8