Хун Сен

  • Премьер-министр - Камбоджа
  • Год и место рождения: 1952 Камбоджа
  • Годовой: AZN50,165.00
  • Ежемесячно: AZN4,180.42
  • Еженедельно: AZN964.71
  • Ежедневно: AZN192.94
Хун Сен

khmertimeskh.com Oct. 2016: The Presidents salary, now 3.6 million riel (about $900) a month, treble to 10 million (about $2,500). Although the declaration is confidential, Hun Sen told reporters that he survives solely on his salary as prime minister of nearly 4.6 million riel (U.S. $1,150) per month. He did not publicly declare the extent of his personal wealth.


Update: 2019-8